Friday, February 8, 2008

My Garden - Idriess Garden Chapter 1

This is the very first blog I wrote which I first published in my website and is about my garden, my front and backyards, my favourite people living in my frontyard with my yuccas and cactus. I have dated it exactly the same as when I first wrote it. 

The weather seems to be affecting my mood. No inspiration at all to do anything creative. I keep on starting on something but cant seem to finish anything. Some people say that what I am doing is the work of someone who has nothing to do. Maybe they are right. I seem to be enjoying doing nothing....and am supposed to be job-hunting too. 

Anyway, I decided to go out to my backyard this morning (on this weather), equipped with my camera and started to look around. The words 'surprised' and 'amazed' would be the
 better description for it . I havent really been to my backyard lately to appreciate what I've worked hard for when I first moved in to this house. I just watched the place from the glass window and keep telling myself maybe I should do this or I should do that, cut that one out, move it here....everything that I can think of for about 2 minutes while looking at my backyard.

Oops! There goes a neighbour's cat who has broken about 3 pots from my collection. Looks like it has given birth to 3 more as I can see 3 of them moving around. I should find that hole anywhere in the wall or fence that lets them inside my backyard. If they keep on breaking a pot, that would make them expensive visitors in my area.

See pictures I took of my backyard this morning. I never realized how tall my yuccas have grown.....I started with only 7 plants and now I seem to have about 30 of them. And how can a yucca plant with dead leaves on top have new yucca babies below?

Note: These are pictures from my backyard so please dont duplicate them and make them your own. 

If you are into gardening, come back regularly on this page. I plan to go out more often and take pictures of my outside world. Of course, my inside world is crafting, pursuing my creativeness. 

For those of you who may need plants for your garden, write to me and I might sell them cheap. Or if you are not yet into gardening and my pictures have given you an inspiration to become one and you need starter kits, write to me and I may provide you with one at a price you cannot refused. :-)

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