Monday, March 10, 2008

My Garden - Idriess Garden Chapter 2

Continuing the saga of my exploration of the outside world, I took pictures (again) of my front yard 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I was too busy to have them posted in my blog. 

I also have lots of yuccas in my front yard. They are actually children of the 4 big yuccas from the backyard. I decided to have majority of my front yard be filled with pebbles so I dont have to mow. The theme of my garden is mexican which explains the yuccas and the cactus found in my front yard.

As usual, due to laziness and my crafting activities, I havent done much to the front yard as far as maintaining plants is concerned. Since the local government implemented water restrictions I practically lost interest in my garden, what with the hefty fines handed to you if you are caught watering the plants. I have left the watering of the plants to rain.

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