Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Garden - Idriess Garden Chapter 4

In case you havent heard yet, I found a job as a Senior Business Analyst for a major Australian financial services company and today was my first day at work. Upon arriving home I went straight to my postbox to check out any mails (am expecting new magazines to have arrived today) and I noticed something on top of one of my yuccas where Juan was below...take note..sleeping again. My yucca had bloomed flowers. They were so beautiful that I went inside to take my camera and take pictures of it. They say that yuccas that produces flowers signifies luck and I really hope that luck is meant for me. Or maybe I have not realized yet that I have already received that luck since today was my first day at work. My luck was finding a job in 3 weeks time. I was so happy with the 
flowers but at the same time I kind of felt sad because they also say that yuccas that blooms flowers will eventually die. Usually it takes years before a yucca plant can produce one (sometimes it takes 50 years) but my yucca is only 4 years old. This particular yucca has about 3 or 4 new growths so I better cut them off and plant them somewhere before it dies.

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