Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Garden - Idriess Garden Chapter 6

I did mention about my entertainment area in my previous chapter. This is my entertainment deck area. There is an awning installed to cover/protect the whole space
from the sun. Now that am back to a full-time job, it has not been opened or used lately as am not around most of the time and if I am, crafting in my studio is my priority. What else makes me really very happy. :-). When I was still working with my previous employer I used to open it everyday because I was home most of the time doing work from home.

Check out my rattan deck chairs. Due to excessive heat and no time to bring them inside once it starts to rain. They have turned blackish and I think about to rot but really you still can use it. The green picnic table was also damaged by the excessive heat. Looks to me like the plastic was burned by the heat of the sun. 

Both furniture items were bought from a company by brother used to work with and is now closed and was bought at a real bargain of 50 bucks. If only they are made of metal then I wouldnt have to worry about them getting damaged by the weather like the mosaic set I have over here in the backyard. 

Take a look at my plants and see how they are arranged. they are all piled on top of a bulky wood with wheels. I actually made these planters with wheels myself. Bought the wheels at a nearby hardware store.They are very useful to own and use. With the wheels all I have to do is push them to a spot where I want them to be and no need to lift or carry them as they are kind of heavy sometimes especially if they are quite big and full of soil. Pushing them in one go saves a lot of time compared to carrying them one by one. I need to maintain my deck boards with oil as they have become very dry and am afraid they will soon get damaged. Just like the awning, I spent quite a lot of money on my deck. The area is not that big if you look at it and should not take long to polish the boards with oil but finding the time to do it is the biggest issue for now but really I have no choice but to do it very, very soon. What is needed is real focus on the job at hand, start and finish as soon as possible. But what am I going to do with the lots and lots of handmade crafts I want to do. My fat quarters and decoupage supplies are waiting for me. LOL! 

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