Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can i be a Farmer?

Have been very busy lately that I seem to spend less time in my garden...but I look and appreciate them everyday especially my frontyard since it is the first thing I see whenever I come home from work. I only see my backyard on weekends as it is difficult to see them in the dark. If I dont have even a small amount of time to tend my small garden then how much more if I were a farmer and everyone depended on my crops to survive. Sometimes I wonder what a farmer's life is. 

I am in facebook and one day one of my friends in my list sent me a gift to start a farmtown in cyberspace. In the beginning I found it very hard to maintain and all my crops would die. Then I got into the routine of visiting my farm at least once a day, making sure that I got the right crops to grow and harvest them when ready, check on all my trees to make sure that everything is harvested, cleaned up my farm to make sure that they were all properly plowed and well-planned where to grow the crops and while doing all these chores I gained points as a farmer and rose up to higher levels. Through the points I gained I was able to put some fences on my farm, bought some trees and animals. My faithful farm friend also helped by sending me animal and tree gifts and I thank her for that. It has been a month now and am still enjoying my cyber-farming. I am saving enough money to buy more items for my farm and I hope to buy a shed soon. (Hey wait, this is just in cyberspace!) 

I guess what I really mean to impart on this posting is that nothing is impossible to do. If you can organize yourself, set up priorities then difficult tasks become easier. And if your heart is on anything you do...enjoy and love doing it....the sky's the limit! 

Note: I am now in level 11 talented farmer in my cyber farm town and still got a long way to go trying to catch up with my friend who is now on level 24.

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