Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Garden - Idriess Place Chapter 7

It has been a long time since I last blogged about my garden. I have been too busy that I didnt seem to have the time to go and see my plants. Very hot summer days also was a factor in not being able to check them out not even my frontyard. Last Saturday, while hanging my laundry out to dry, I finally noticed that unwanted creeping vines have really grown over the fence so much so that there was no longer a sunlight coming through in my area, not even a bit of sunlight as it was fully covered by the creeping vines. So I decided to do a little cleanup of my backyard  and that is when I saw that 2 of my yucca plants have actually bloomed flowers and I never even knew about it. 
Based on my estimate, the beautiful white flowers must have grown for about a month already as they seemed to look like they were about to start wilting. I wouldnt want  to miss it for the world to see my yuccas blooming flowers. Without blinking an eye, I went inside the house, took my camera and started taking pictures of my backyard  garden again most especially with my precious yuccas that bloomed flowers. The last time one of my yuccas in my frontyard bloomed a flower was in 2008.
Here is the pile of creeping vines from the neighbour that I cut off and how the area looked like after I cut the vines off.
My backyard still needs more care and clean-up though. 

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