Monday, October 16, 2017

Update on my garden Idriess Garden

The last time I wrote an article about my garden was about 4 years ago. That long because I kind of neglected the garden. The weeds grew and my yucca trees had  fun growing. 😁 Anyway about a year ago I had to get someone to help me do  the cleaning and cutting of the big yuccas in my backyard. This is how they looked like before the clean-up -
They have grown too big that I could no longer see the small plants I had placed in between the yucca plants. They were no longer medium plants but tree-like. After the cleaning and the cutting, I came up with more than a dozen of yucca cuts (and this did not include the smaller ones which were not cut). I decided to list them in ebay to sell to raise some funds for my Dress A Girl Australia charity work. 
And after the cuts, my backyard became more clean and appealing and i was ready to go back to my love for gardening.
I have a lot of plants added to my garden and lately i have been into propagating succulents which you will read about them in the near future and making kokedamas. And for those who are interested in buying yucca plants, click on the link below for the listing. And I have more not listed yet. They are all pickups only. Thank you.

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