Friday, November 3, 2017

Did some gardening the past couple of days

Did some gardening the past couple of days. I love to garden but the number one problem I have is maintaining the garden. Most of the time I feel so lazy to water the plants so this is what I did. I placed most of my plants in the open space at the back of my house so when it rains the plants will get watered.  The problem is that there is no rain sometimes for months. 😀 Take a look at what my backyard looks like now -
Am starting to arrange the smaller pots on top of bricks and putting them right next to the wall -
i have about 8 agave plants which I am planting on pots so i can control their growth and size.
i still have a lot of cleaning up to do but eventually i will be able to finish the task before summer starts where it will be impossible to do some gardening due to heat.
Check out my lazy mexican friends. they have survived the heat for almost 15 years now. There are supposed to be 2 kids. One is on the bottom left and the other one should be somewhere i need to find it tomorrow. Hope you like what i did with my garden.

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