Friday, November 10, 2017

More Kokedamas for my garden

After I cleaned up my garden and did some maintenance on my plants, I started to think it is time to make kokedamas. Most of the kokedamas, if not all, I made middle of last year I gave them away as Christmas presents. All I had left were a few pre-mix balls of peat soil and potting mix which I wasnt able to use.

The unused balls I made became very hard and was pretty sure if I touched them they would easily split. I did not want these pre-mixed balls  go to waste so I started watering them slowly for 3 days until I was sure that it was solid enough to use again or create a hole on the ball so I could insert the plant cutting I was going to use. And here they are. I was able to create eleven kokedamas. The other three I made them about 3 weeks ago. I experimented on different kinds of succulents and I even made two from agaves. Agaves are known to grow really big especially if planted on the ground they become uncontrollable. So I had to satisy my curiosity and see what is going to happen if I create a kokedama out of it.

It takes a while for these to grow but I will be monitoring their growth and keep you updated.

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