Friday, December 8, 2017

New friends in my garden

They actually are not new plants but I consider them my new friends as they have egrown and very alive and green. The  baby yuccas in the recycled cans were actually colored brown about a couple of months ago I really thought they were dead or on their way to die. I took great good care of them the past couple of months and guess what today they are alive and green. I am thinking of moving them to bigger pots this weekend.
These two succulents had too many kiddies underneath that I had to clean them up before their mother dies. If you notice the plant on the right has two small growths which I did not  remove yet as I was thinking I might run out of pots. I have about 13 to propagate from these two this weekend. 
Let us see if the new babies are going to survive in the next few months. 😄 For sure I will be taking pictures and posting them here.

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