Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Last 7 days (Week 3) of 21-Day Juicing Challenge

The 21-Day Juicing challenge which I joined is now finished and I survived the 21 different types of juices I had to prepare everyday. The truth is they all tasted very good. Here are the 15-21 day juices or Week 3 of the challenge. The 21 day challenge was supposed to be a Weight Loss Edition. I have not weighed myself for almost a week now so am not sure if I did lose some kilos. And I also stopped walking because of the heat but I do hope that the 21 juices at least did some good with my health
To see larger and individual images of each juice and their ingredients, please click here. This album now contains all the 21 juices of the 21-day juicing challenge.

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